Eric Owen Moss

Art.Nr.: 978-0-8478-2260-7

Autor: Collins,Brad

Untertitel: Buildings and Projects 3

Verlag/Ort: New York 2002

Seiten: 302

Farbabb: 300

ISBN/Art.: 978-0-8478-2260-7

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Since opening his firm in Los Angeles in 1973, Eric Owen Moss has become nationally and internationally recognized among the front ranks of the world's architects; in 2002 he was appointed as director of the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) and in 2011 he was awarded the Jencks Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects for his contribution to theory and practice of architecture. This abundantly illustrated 2002 book, the third in a series on Moss, considers built work and projects in Los Angeles and Culvert City, as well as Moss's winning competition entry for the Queens Museum of Art in New York and projects in Vienna, Dusseldorf, and St. Petersburg.