Little People: The Global Model Village

Art.Nr.: 978-0-7522-2791-7

Autor: Slinkachu

Untertitel: The International Street Art of Slinkachu

Verlag/Ort: London 2012

Seiten: 124

Farbabb: 100

ISBN/Art.: 978-0-7522-2791-7

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Der Klassiker.A tiny mother and child bustle through a dusty township in Cape Town, while a miniature informant whispers in a telephone box in Beijing. Thumb-sized riot police climb the Acropolis in Athens, while an inch-high woman pole-dances around a lamppost in a Hong Kong red light district. From West London to the West Bank, from the scorched flagstones of Marrakech to the lowest of low-rise views of Manhattan, all life is here.