far ride

Art.Nr.: 9772384166009

Untertitel: Documenting Cycling Journeys Around the World far ride volume five

Verlag/Ort: Korea, Canada

Seiten: 210

Farbabb: 200

ISBN/Art.: 9772384166009

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Far Ride Magazine is an independently published magazine from Seoul, Korea. We're documenting cycling journeys, the riders and their stories all over the world. These journeys have taken us all over the globe; from New York to Tokyo, Berlin to Istanbul and back again. All to create beautiful, meaningful and inspiring content for our readers. Far Ride Volume05 lets you explore breathtaking routes through Nice, France; Montreal, Canada; Argentina and many other locations. Featuring an editorial on women's cycling asking the question, "Does women's cycling actually exist?" Highlighting picturesque scenery from Mallorca, Spain and the Pamir Highway.