Sara Blokland - De politiekapel van Suriname / The Police Band of Suriname

Art.Nr.: 978-90-72532-06-0

Autor: Willem van Zoetendaal & André Loor

Erscheinungsjahr: 2010

Verlag/Ort: Boa Producties, Amsterdam 2010

Seiten: 132

Farbabb: ca. 80

ISBN/Art.: 978-90-72532-06-0

39,95 € 9,95 €


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The book can be considered ‘the book of the film’ of the same name by Afra Jonker, yet it is a separate creation by photographer Sara Blokland and designer Willem van Zoetendaal. Like many contemporary photobooks, it is a multi-media production, in that Blokland’s photographs of the band are combined with historical photographs taken from their archive.