The Roof at the Bottom of the World: Discovering the Transantarctic Mountains

Art.Nr.: 978-0-300-17197-6

Autor: Stump, Edmund

Verlag/Ort: Yale 2011

Seiten: 254

Abb: 200

ISBN/Art.: 978-0-300-17197-6

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A fascinating portrait and history of the most obscure mountains on Earth, by a modern scientist-explorer with unsurpassed knowledge of the region. Edmund Stump is professor of exploration at Arizona State University. He is also a geologist, polar explorer, mountaineer, and photographer specializing in the geology of the Transantarctic Mountains. He has served as principal investigator or chief scientist on many scientific field trips to Antarctica, most recently a 2010-2011 National Science Foundation expedition to the Beardmore Glacier area.