The Biography of the Bike

Art.Nr.: 978-0-7603-4989-2

Autor: Boardman, Chris

Gebundene Ausgabe/ Hardcover

ISBN/Art.: 978-0-7603-4989-2

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From the velocipede era to today's high-tech bikes, dive into the history of the bicycle. Former Olympic cycling gold medalist and world record holder Chris Boardman is among the most influential bicycle designers in the world. In Biography of the Bike, he examines the evolution of the modern bicycle from the invention of pedals to recent innovations in electronic gearing. The complete stories of each development (such as the modern derailleur) that have helped to move bike design forward, and how those inventions became established in the general marketplace, are laid out in all their fascinating detail. Complete with profiles of the riders and designers who have been at the forefront of bicycle design over the decades, the book also examines cultural trends, such as bicycle commuting and mountain biking, that have spurred advances in design. Early efforts at aerodynamic design, the standardization of the "double-diamond" frame, and the introduction of disc wheels, allow you to see the entire history of your favorite two-wheeled transport. Heavily illustrated with photos of bikes, equipment close-ups, and historical action shots of famous cyclists such as Greg Lemond, Jan Ullrich, and Fausto Coppi make this a book that no biking enthusiast, gearhead, or racing fan will want to miss!